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Merchant Menu User Guide

All merchant activities are done in the Merchant Control Panel. Merchants are expected to login to the control panel frequently.

Desktop screen

The desktop screen contains direct links to DAILY Transaction Maintenance functions such as:

  • bounced orders
  • customer support tickets
  • retrievals
  • silent post errors

These functions will be explained later on in this guide. The desktop screen also contains important news for merchants and the account status.


Order filter

With the order filter you can quickly find transactions and rebillings for any of the following known details:

  1. cardholder name
  2. MultiCards order number
  3. Customer e-mail address

Your account profile

In the ‘account’-section of the Merchant Menu, Merchants need to store the company details, bank details and other related information. The Profile information must be complete and accurate. No payment will follow if the record is incomplete. Changing this information to anything other then the personal or professional contact information is considered fraud and may result in the termination of the account and forfeid of any monies due. For proper payment it is needed that your bank details and/or check delivery address and beneficiairy details are correct. The beneficiairy name must match with the name as on the MultiCards account, unless proper documentation is submitted.

After completion send the profile by regular mail to our Dutch Sales Office!:

MultiCards Internet Billing
Le Havre 77
5627 SV Eindhoven,
The Netherlands

The profile consists of the following fields:

Business Name This may be a DBA name (Doing Business As)
LegalName Legal name of the company/business
including legal form of business
Address1 Registered Office Address
Address2 Registered Office Address
ZIP/PostCode Registered Office Address
City Registered Office Address
Country Registered Office Address
Phone Include country code
Fax Include country code
Contact Email Business emergency email address
Account Email Email address for regular account email
Date of incorporation Date of incorporation or start of business
Business License No If applicable
USA Tax Number EIN# USA EIN# or Federal Tax ID (required for US business)
Tax Number (Non US) Required for business outside US
Type of business Select general business type
URL Main URL of business
URL Content Select one
URL2 Optional URL of business
URL2 Content Select one
URL3 Content  
URL4 Content  
Password Please change password regularly to avoid misuse of account
Contact Person
Contact Person Administrative contact name for day to day business
Contact Person Email Administrative contact e-mail address for day to day business
Bank Reference
Bank Name This is a bank reference, need not be the same as payment bank
Bank Branche This is a bank reference, need not be the same as payment bank
Bank Account Number This is a bank reference, need not be the same as payment bank
Bank Contact Person This is a bank reference, need not be the same as payment bank
Bank Phone This is a bank reference, need not be the same as payment bank
Bank Email This is a bank reference, need not be the same as payment bank
OWNER/CEO Information
Owner/Principle Name  
Phone Include country code
Address1 Offcial Resident Address
City Offcial Resident Address
ZIP/PostCode Offcial Resident Address
State Offcial Resident Address
Country Offcial Resident Address
Date of Birth According to ID/Passport
Place of Birth  
Identity card number Number of Passport or ID Card
Date of issue  
Expiration date  
Issuing Authority  
USA SSN# SSN# required for US Citizen
SSN# (non USA)  
DriversLicNo If applicable
CheckName Only Legal Name or DBA Name allowed,
unless authorized otherwise
BeneficiaryName Legal Name or DBA Name, unless authorized otherwise
SWIFTCode Call your bank for the SWIFT Code
BankRoutingNumber Bank Sort Code, ABA or Routing Number
CorrespondenceBank If applicable, usually only if foreign receiving bank

How to mail my completed Account Profile to MultiCards?

Your Account Profile information must be complete and accurate. No payment will follow if your record is incomplete. Changing this information to anything other then your personal or professional contact information is considered fraud and may result in the termination of your account and forfeit of any monies due.

For proper payment it is needed that your bank details and/or check delivery address and beneficiary details are correct. The beneficiary name must be the same as the legal name field in your MultiCards profile, unless proper authorization is submitted by mail to change the beneficiary name.

Merchant Checklist to complete your registration

  • After completion of the Account Profile in the Merchant Menu please use the view/print profile button to print the files.
  • Please SIGN and DATE all copies of the documentation that is listed below:
  • Include a proof/photocopy of permanent address (i.e. utility bill; bank statement NOT allowed).
  • Include a photocopy or scan of your passport or ID.
  • Include a photocopy or scan of your business license.
  • Include a photocopy or scan of articles of incorporation, if applicable, to MultiCards.
  • Mail the above documents by Courier (Fedex, UPS, DHL, TNT) or regulair mail to our office in the Netherlands (Europe). Scanned documents and/or faxes will no longer be allowed!

IMPORTANT: All relevant copies that are submitted need to be date stamped and signed by an authorized representative of the MultiCards account! No exceptions will be made. Accounts will only be fully approved once the documentation as listed above has been fully completed and has been reviewed by our Risk Department.


All orderpages and shopping carts processing transactions are defined in this section of the control panel. An orderpage (checkout page) is corresponding with an order page id number:

Request a new order page id

The MultiCards Accounts Department can add your new order page. Before a new page id can be created a site check by the Risk Department is required. The one-time fee for a new page id is $25. Click on the 'request new page id' button to submit the location of the new order page or request a new orderpage on the MultiCards secure server.

Change the order page id settings

Orderpage settings such as the location, website location, e-mail address, currency, language, returnurl, etc.. can be configured in the page id setting screen. Please refer to the Merchant Integration Guide for more information.


All available product items can be defined in the Products section of the control panel. Please refer to the Merchant Integration Guide for more information about the integration possibilities in your order page.

MOTO orders

After completing the required documentation the Mail Order and Telephone Orders option can be enabled for your account. This option enables you to collect credit card details and process the transaction for your customers.

Merchants using the virtual terminal need to comply with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards. Therefore, it is required to complete the following documents in order to be approved. Please use the links below to download the appropriate forms:

Once we have received these documents fully signed by the merchant and they have been approved by our Risk Department, the virtual terminal feature for your account will be activated.


Generate overviews of all processed transactions for your account.

There are 3 transaction types:

  1. debits (transaction transferred to your account)
  2. credits (transaction refunded from your account)
  3. chargeback (transaction refunded from your account)
  4. other (transaction manually added by MultiCards)
  5. pre-authorization (transaction accepted but pending)

A transaction can have the following status:

  1. Accepted
  2. Declined
  3. Rejected (usually for bank transfers)
  4. Voided (canceled)
  5. Unknown (status will be updated later)

The search form contains the following fields:

Field Description
Order Number The order number in format xxxxxx.yyyyyyy.
Amount The exact total amount of the transaction.
Name on Card The cardholder name
E-mail The customer e-mail address
Phone The customer phone number
Start/End date Specify a date range, or empty both fields to receive all transactions.
Status Unknown, Accepted, Declined, Voided, Rejected
Type Debit, Credit, Chargeback, Other, Preauthorization
Credit card number The full number or only the last 4 digits
Similar transactions Find all other transactions with the same credit card number
PageID List all transactions for a specific order page id
User fields User field values can be found in the transaction details
Product field Filter on product description, price or quantity
Minimum fraud score Filter on a minimum fraud score value
Sort by Sort the transaction list by Order Date, Order Number or Pay Type
Max nr. transactions List 50, 100 or all found transactions.




All orders enabled for automatic monthly and quarterly rebillings are maintained in the rebillings section. It is possible to:

  • activate/deactivate rebillings
  • change the frequency
  • change the customer details

MultiCards tried to rebill a credit card 3 times before the rebilling is deactivated and the cardholder contacted via e-mail with instructions to provide new credit card details.

Bounced orders

Customers receive an e-mail order confirmation for all accepted transactions. It may occur that we receive a bounce for this e-mail confirmation. This is an indication for fraud or a possible risk for a chargeback.

We allow you to correct the e-mail address and re-send the order confirmation. This is all managed in the Bounced Orders section.

Reason for a bounce can be:

  • an incorrect e-mail address
  • a full mailbox
  • a spam filter

The 'View mail' link contains the bounce reason.

What you need to do:

Contact the customer as soon as possible and request an alternative e-mail address. Click on
the e-mail address link to update the e-mail address.

A new order confirmation will be send to that address. The column 'Automatic Action' contains the
number of days and the next scheduled action.

If you can't reach the customer:

At this point you have to decide if you want to keep the order, or refund it back to the cardholder.
Be aware that the customer never received an e-mail order confirmation and does not know the billing name.
The cardholder can issue a chargeback.

The customer has no alternative e-mail address:

In this situation you can update the e-mail address to your own company e-mail addres. But *always*
make sure that the customer knows the Billing name, to prevent a chargeback.


Transactions are stored in our database. With the export function you can generate TAB separated export files.

A different method to automatically export transaction details to a script on your server is explained in the Merchant Integration Guide.


This function is under construction.


For all transactions you will receive an instant order confirmation by email (for approved orders only). All orders are confirmed on a daily email confirmation sheet. This sheet will be updated as soon as new orders are accepted. At the end of the week a statement is issued with the totals until Sunday 05.00 p.m. MST of your account. All your Account information is also available in real-time online through the Merchant Menu.

Cancel orders

Merchants can cancel an order simply by using the 'Cancel Orders' button in the main menu of the Merchant Menu or by opening an order in the Merchant Menu and clicking on the button 'Refund transaction'.
The refund request will be received by the Transactions Department and handled as soon as possible. Depending on the bank, it can take between 3 and 15 days before the refund reaches the customers bank.
Please always inform your customer of the refund to prevent possible ChargeBacks. Example:

A refund request has been issued for your transaction with us.
The refund will process in the upcoming days. Please note it
can take a few days or weeks before it shows on your statement.
The refund will appear on your next monthly statement. Please
contact us if you have any questions regarding your refund.

When submitting a transaction type of credit, the following rules apply:

  • You may only credit a transaction that has been authorized by the system.
  • A credit can only be processed to the credit card number used for the original order.
  • You must enter the original transaction order number of the transaction that you wish to submit the credit against.
  • The original transaction that you wish to credit must have a status of Settled Successfully / Accepted. You may not issue credits against unsettled, voided, declined or errored transactions.
  • The credit transaction must be issued within 90 days of the date the original transaction was settled.
  • A credit transaction cannot exceed the amount of the original debit transaction.


IP and e-mail address blocking

The blockings function in the merchant control panel enables you to block the IP address and e-mail address your customers can use to place an order. The MultiCards risk department also blocks the IP and e-mail address for all chargeback transactions.

Country blocking

By default Indonesia, Ghana and Nigeria are blocked for all our merchants. Per order page ID extra countries can be blocked.


Due to security reasons MultiCards can only accept messages from merchants via a support ticket. The support section lists all existing support tickets for your account and enables you to start new tickets for the appropriate departments.